Things To Do   

Sometimes it's hard to come up with fun, inexpensive things to do in a small city. With fewer options comes the opportunity for more creativity when finding a memory making experience. Below are ten ideas to make a positive, memory-filled day. Check back from time to time for more ideas.

You Can:

  • Build a castle out of a refrigerator box
  • Make dinner for the two of you to share
  • Create an indoor, miniature golf course in your house
  • Tie-dye t-shirts to wear on outings
  • Make-up and play home-made board games
  • Create puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Learn a new sport or activity to do together
  • Pretend to be a reporter and interview a neighbor
  • Plan a pretend vacation to a exotic land
  • Learn to sing a song and record your own version

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